window blinds

Do you have a too big window, or window curtain that should be replaced? You might want to consider using window blinds. Window blinds are quite practical because it doesn’t require a lot of space, if planned well. The size can be arranged and combined to cover a glass window area. The precise appearance also give a beautiful addition to our modern home.

What is the use of window blinds?

Window blinds usually put inside a glass window, is an accessory to support home interior design, office and other buildings. Window blinds can be put outside windows, for instance to filter sunlight in house terraces. In this case, it is no longer ‘window’ blinds, but just ‘blinds’, and can function as secondary skin.

We can use window blinds if our window glass is too wide or other condition inside a room, like too much sunlight entering a room, not enough privacy, etc. Window blinds function like usual curtain, but with more advantages. Compared to usual curtain, window blinds can be adjusted to get the most desirable sunlight inside a room. Using curtain, we can cover part of window, but the light is not well spread. Window blinds allow light to enter the room more evenly throughout the room because its laths move entirely. Because of its use, window blinds often become a good choice to replace curtain.

A too wide windows will put in more sunlight into a room both directly or indirectly. If a wide windowed room is used without a window cover like curtain or window blinds, sunlight will enter the room and heat it so it will be hot inside it. With window blinds, even though it doesn’t entirely solve the problem of interior heat, can help to give shadow in order to prevent sunlight from directly heating the floor, even our skin.

Window blinds also help us to get more privacy inside our home if the glass window is too wide. With possible easy adjustment by means of adjustable rotator, rope, and other means, window blinds can give the level of privacy we desire.

Why people like to use window blinds?

Window blinds is more practical and more aesthetic to see than usual curtain. This home accessory is practical in its possibility to be adjusted in the amount of light that enters it (for instance; sunlight) without necessarily change its shape, in other word, it’s quite precise. It can also blend well with the latest architecture style by adding strong lines to the room, making it more beautiful. If we notice more, one window that has window blinds seems more beautiful also because of ray of lights that coming through its laths.

Will window blinds can be applied in most modern style houses?

Houses with modern style will likely be suitable with window blinds like venetian blinds, roman blinds, and other models of window blinds. In most modern houses these days, wide glass windows often used as wall replacement. Many and more varieties of window blinds are more interesting because it is practical, functional, and has an aesthetic value.

What are the materials used for window blinds?

Many materials are used for window blinds. Venetian blinds for instance, are made of wood, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, viny, and other materials. These material will effect the look of it.


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