The Tomb of Bung Karno Bahasa Indonesia

The tomb complex was one complex with Javanese local architecture called Joglo. Since 2004 had been added with new building which became one complex with the old building of the tomb complex. The architect team led by Pribadi Widodo and Baskoro Tedjo from ITB. Since we enter the area of the tomb, there’s a new building that attract our attention.

Anatomy of Bung Karno’s Complex according to my vision

makam bung karno 1

The old gate, formed candi or temple in big size. It’s likely to draw the past to the present started with the old complex, in the form of ancient temple, with stones.

makam bung karno 2

The building that covers the tomb of Bung Karno. The shape of ‘pendopo’ (traditional Javanese terrace house) covers the tomb. The Joglo form is more recent than the ‘candi’ form.

makam sukarno 1

The space that connect the old and the new building is conjucting, refreshing.

makam sukarno 2

The modern building from the new complex. The functional ideas put in the past traditional ideas with the use of stones for the outer wall. The imitation of the old tradition and material from temples in Java.

makam sukarno bung karno 1

One of the corner of the new building, superimposing

modern building

One of the interior corner of the new building.

Photographs by Yogi ‘Awang’ Diwangkoro:

The Penataran Temple

Not far from the tomb complex, another great architectural ruins object from the past that is very much important to indonesian culture stands. The Penataran temple complex. We did an anatomy analysis to the plan of the complex, shown below;

candi penataran 1

We found there are a lot of the parts of the temple that was unexplainable, due to our limited knowledge, like the supranatural concept. Therefore, we just observed the site with our modern comprehension.

candi penataran 2
The Sengkalan Penataran Temple

candi penataran
Above main temple

candi penataran blitar
One of the corner at the temple that shows the cold athmosprere, relaxing

candi penataran blitar 2
The pool at the end of the journey sequence in the temple complex.

bangunan candi
The ambience at the stairs of the temple

candi penataran blitar kota

One of the most interesting view of the main temple. Seemly, the main temple had lost most part of the building and the height. If it was still there, we’re quite sure that the building was very tall.

Photograpsh by Yogi ‘Awang’ Diwangkoro

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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