Glass at home (tropical house concept) Bahasa Indonesia

05 July 2008

A beautiful house, with a freedom to see surrounding nature, is a kind of comfort. Glass is a building material that allows us to see what is behind it, so our eyes can see much further, even when the room is limited.

Thanks to glass, the house view is not limited on the side of a wall. It also create open and free feeling

The Glass Material

Glass, is very popular as building material, especially because it is used more for modern houses. Indeed, glass was a new material that state modern architecture. Glass appears as a unique material with transparent character for many applications.

The use of glass vary for roof, wall, floor, windows and doors, also for stairs. Glass has many specifications that make it easy to be used for many purposes.

Photo by Aga & Miko Materne, Stock.xchange

Glass as roof usually appears on carport roof, skylight, terrace and other parts of a house. Glass roof has transparent character that is usually made to deal with rain, but not with sunshine. Glass for roof usually made with minimum 12mm thickness and tempered (processed at high temperature to make it stronger), and also laminated (has a special sheet layer to support glass when broken).

Glass make this house looks beautiful
Photo by Probo Hindarto

The use of glass for wall can give much satisfaction to home view from inside as well as from outside. In the right design, it will bring a great value to the interior quality, for instance the connection between family room and garden, so the garden can be seen in full view from inside the house.

Glass can also be made as wall, with special treatment. Glass wall usually made for certain area that doesn’t need privacy, like stair area, even sometimes living room.

Glass for roof
Photo by Probo Hindarto

Floor can also be made of glass, if the thickness has been considered. Glass thickness usually 2 cm for flooring, made in cuts and placed above an aluminum frame or other kind of frames.

For windows and doors, glass is very common, even everywhere people use glass material as windows and doors, with many shape and size. The main function usually for light entrance from inside and outside. The size depends on the need and design of windows and doors, and should not be really exposed to sunlight for it will quickly raise room temperature.


by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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