Singhasari / Singosari Temple, Malang, East Java, Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia

The remains was made of layered stone structures heading to west. Parts of the Candi (temple) are;

  • lowest level called ‘batur’ box shaped
  • ‘the foot’ of the Candi and the place for the arcas (statues)
  • ‘the body’ of the Candi in slim shape with four holes on each side
  • roof or the top of Candi that rises and becoming smaller to the top

According to the Hindu dogma, Candi is a replica of mount Himalaya in India, where there are four tops called ‘Gaurisangkar’ and believed to be the residence of the Gods, also known as Meru.

denah candi singhasari singosari
Plan of the temple / candi, according to H.L. Leydie Melville. The plan is four edged. One room is in the middle and serve as the main room, while the other rooms on each side are place for statues of Gods.

candi singhasari singosari 1
The front facade of Candi Singosari that is heading westward.

candi singhasari singosari 2
The closer look at the front facade.

candi singhasari singosari 3
The main doorway to the main room.

javanese temple 1
One of the great look of Candi Singosari.

javanese temple 2
The head of KALA, the guardian of the entrance of the main room.

javanese temple singhasari
View from the main room to the yard.

malang temple
The mark ‘Restauratie’ or restoration dated 1937.

malang indonesia
One of the edge at the ‘batur’ level or the lowest level of the temple.

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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