Your silence/ Trowulan Temple, East Java Bahasa Indonesia

July 2006

I was sitting in a deep and breezing ambience in front of your simple appearance, not to show off. You are honest, you tell me about the pureness of the water, seeing inside it made me drown in the black nuance, refreshing.


“Now I know what you meant by the breeze of the leaves. I know what you meant by becoming one with the nature. I see you there, not showing off, but you look great. You are simple, but you are meaningful. You’re far from crowds, but you are… cool!”

I could just sit here, watching you all day. You are here, your ripples drown me. I was carried …

water building

I even know that you are so soft. You don’t even want them to adapt you. You know yourself. You never ruin any other God’s creature. Look at how simple you are, by seeing your surrounding, you made it very impressive.

So between the breeze of the leaves, you are whispering, with your water sound that rhyme the wind breeze. You look down, but you are very attractive.

Many people came here, to see you, right here, like understanding every person. Don’t you know, you have connected me to God, you have connected me to the breeze of the leaves, you made me look at the mirror, sometimes, you let go my grieve.


I don’t understand, why there are people see you old fashioned, while you are so beautiful. While you are the connector to the universe. I just wait to see you again. So I could feel this feeling again.


Bonus for your spirit to read this article!!

The site of Majapahit Kingdom ruins, in Trowulan, Mojokerto.

majapahit 1

At the school desks it was told, Majapahit was one of the biggest kingdom that made Nusantara (the origin of Indonesia) became one kingdom. The ruins was a proof of the high civilization in the past. It was ancient mall… a great place to hang out in the past, a landmark of proud of the past.

majapahit 2
The Bajang Ratu temple, constructed of layered stone.

majapahit 3
Proof of ‘bathing’ tradition not only found in ancient Greek and Rome. In Majapahit there were these traditions.

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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