Old commercial street in change

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Article dated 2006

Old commercial street in change / Jalan komersial tua yang berubah
We’re visiting the street in a quite morning in holiday, to take advantages of the quite commercial street, so we can have pictures of the buildings. These street is a commercial street in town, with many store houses on the side. Taking a walk in this narrow street, we find that it is not really amazing or beautifully arranged street, or something that we might think could be compared to tall new modern buildings. But let’s take a look at the houses details. There are old houses that might be the representation of the architecture in post war era in Indonesia. Little part of the wheel of economy runs in here. But that’s not the reason why we take photographs, it is the historical side of them.

In this street, we don’t find only commercial stores, but also a normal house. with its architecture, it date us back to the early settling of post war houses. Some even change function to a church. there’s nothing to show that this building is a church, except the sign above the door. There is still industrial door to show that this building was formerly a store house.

Door and windows panel is opened in the daytime. Can it be the representation of Chinese and also Javanese influence?
This house is not commercial one, but it is located in the commercial area. Some people use the front terrace to sell something. This house is typical house that is influenced by three architecture styles; Colonial, Chinese and Javanese.

Some new buildings are present. But they seem to be following the typical store houses on the street. ________________________________________________
by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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