Using ex-building material wood to cover the wall Bahasa Indonesia

Using ex building material wood that is cut in pieces and installed on wall.
Photo by Probo Hindarto, location: Balebarong Cafe.

09 February 2008

Wood is unique in its appearance, because of the close to nature look that it has, we can feel close to nature. Wood can also be easily combined with other color element inside our home. It is not a question, that wood will be and always presence in our home, like for furniture, flooring, etc.The price of wood is increasing that should make us more careful to use this material, we can even think of using ex building material wood to reduce the cost of building, and avoid throwing wood.

Ex building material wood on the process of building, like for concrete mold, or other wood can also be used creatively to cover the wall. See above ilustration, is a wall covered by small pieces of wood creating texture.

Wood application on wall will create refreshing look inside a room, and is suitable to be combined with ethnic room accesories.

We can also choose ‘new’ wood, like laminate wood, parquette, composite wood and other kind of fabricated material. These materials are cheaper and with strong wood character.

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.

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